The Art of Prayer

A Foundation Course

In this course we will practice the gradual steps that delicately unfold the field of prayer; and allow us to freshly rediscover our own meaning in praying.

The Art of Prayer is a regenerative learning approach exploring a core component of our shared human existence - our natural capacity for prayer. It is a framework of practices, in which people from all walks of life and traditions, religious and secular, prayers and non-prayers - are invited to reconnect and rediscover gateways into the field of prayer.

Together we reformulate and refresh pathways into the intimate experience of being in the world; of being in the field of prayer; of becoming creatures endowed with curiosity, kindness and a sensitivity to the yet unknown. It is about transforming our understanding of the act of prayer from a mere practice into a living model for existence.


Course curriculum

    1. Tuning In - Guided Practice

    2. The Enigma of Prayer - Presentation

    3. The Gateways of Prayer - Text

    4. Introduction to Gateways 1-2

    5. Gateways 1 and 2 - Guided Practice with Chanting

    6. Inspirational Texts - Eugene Gendlin

    7. Closing Words

    1. The Edge of Awareness/Words can say how they work

    2. Practice - Gateways 1-2

    3. (only) Chanting

    4. Discussion Board

    1. The Larger System

    2. Tuning In - Guided Practice

    3. The Field of Prayer - Presentation

    4. What is an Instance?

    5. Instancing Introduction - Presentation

    6. Instancing - Guided Practice

    7. Prayer as Process - Reflection on Gateways 3-4

    8. Gateways 1-4 - Practice

    1. The Gateways of Prayer - Text

    2. Gateways 1-4 - Guided Exercise extended

    3. Instancing - additional guided practice

    4. The Aroma of Infinity

    5. Pr(air) Mail - questions regarding the personal exercises

About this course

  • $79.00
  • 54 lessons
  • 6 hours of video content


"Standing in front of the gateways of prayer, taking time to breath, observe, listen. Doing this together, even if within zoom-frames, in conversation and silence, with the lucid guidance of Dana and Baruch..this is a gathering with new and known depths, personal and universal, temporal and infinite - we've been blessed to have this opportunity" Prof. Sara Sviri, Writer - The Sufi Anthology

"Focusing is the art of paying attention to what exists and what will come into being. Prayer is the opening of the heart to the infinite. Dana and Baruch attentively and delicately take us as partners on a wondrous path of practice and recollection of the secrets we all already know. Highly recommended!" Rabbi Dov Singer, Rosh Yeshivat Makor Chaim

"Working with Baruch and Dana has been a very important and deeply stabilizing experience. Especially when the Corona measurements hit us and fear and insecurity spread I felt I was coming home when entering our shared space. I am so unspeakably grateful for being part of this group where failure does not exist and trials are welcome. Where being human gains a whole new depth." Judith Weisz

"The Art of Prayer opened for me gateways of love towards fellow humans, the world, the the understanding of our communal becoming, and a participation in the processes of creation. Many thanks." Sigal Golan, Psychotherapist

"The Gates of Prayer are a profound experience that have brought a deep peace and colorful joy into my conflict ridden life." Inga von Staden

"Touching upon the inner language of authentic prayer, the mystery of communication between human beings and the infinite and connecting with the depth of human experience - this course has provided me with great inspiration. The experience, knowledge and originality of Baruch and Dana transported me from the conceptual to the actual tools of spiritual work". Yair Harel, Founder - the Piyut Website

"The course opened for me actual gateways for entering into the my self and from there to explore the sacred space inside. It generated in me new awareness with the field of prayer, based on personal experience of observing my flowing life spring. This is a meeting with mind-diamonds that have been polished with accurate spiritual labour." Rabbi Avi Luria


No committed students will be turned away, please write us if in need of a scholarship [email protected]

Dana: “How do you know its prayer?” Baruch: “I feel it’s a prayer…. because I feel life. I feel the holy thing that is life, beyond patterns and words, in all it's complexity, no differences between me and it. And I feel that all my senses, everything becomes so clear, clean, so sharp, like pure water."


Baruch Brenner Is an Israeli Focusing facilitator, theater director, actor, singer, teacher and an ordained Orthodox Rabbi. Over the last 25 years, he has been a leading innovator in integrating Jewish and spiritual practices with experiential work in theatre, movement and vocal arts. He was the artistic director of the Vertigo lab in the eco-art village, and a research fellow and member of Jerzy Grotowski theater ensemble. 

Baruch facilitates educational programs and workshops exploring religious and mystical traditions, with an emphasis on Jewish mysticism - Kabbalah and Hasidic philosophy - making them accessible to the general public. 

Dana Ganihar, M.Sc. is a teacher and researcher certified as a Focusing Coordinator by the international focusing institute in New York. Over the last couple decades she has led numerous workshops and seminars exploring the work of psychologist and philosopher Eugene Gendlin: IBF - Instancing Based Focusing, PoI - Philosophy of the Implicit, and TAE - Thinking At the Edge. 

Dana has initiated cooperative research exploring the potential impact of Focusing practices on diverse fields such as biology, architecture, creative writing and religion.

About Shakio

Shakio is an ancient Aramaic word that means - the flow of life.

Shakio Institute is a place of radically gentle learning, a community of practice dedicated to the exploration of the Implicit - the embodied wisdom in the process of becoming. 

It is a place of convergence, integrating the languages of Mystical Traditions, Focusing - the philosophy and practices developed by Eugene Gendlin, and Performing Arts - movement, vocalization and imagination. 

Here we explore how Art, Focusing and Prayer can open us to the flow and wisdom of life going beyond categories of thought and perceptions. 

Carrying Forward...

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