Prayer Consciousness

6 weekly gatherings beginning October 31st

Interaction First Series

Part 1: Prayer Consciousness

Part 2: Focusing with the Larger System 

Part 3: Focusing Oriented Prayer

“Your physically felt body is… part of a gigantic system of here and other places, now and other times, you and other people – in fact, the whole universe. This sense of being bodily alive in a vast system is [your] body as is felt from the inside.”  Eugene Gendlin

In Part 1 of the Interaction First series, we will explore the unique movements of human consciousness.

Together we will explore intricate connections between the focusing process and a new prayer model developed in Shakio Institute. In crossing between the two, something new emerges on the edge of consciousness...

Through conversations, guided practices, focusing partnerships, and readings in ancient texts and Gendlin's writing, we will take delicate steps into the depths. 

Some of the questions, topics and practices we will unfold:

  • Introduction to the Field of Prayer: What do we mean when we say prayer? What is Prayer Consciousness? 

  • Foundational practices - Into the ‘mist’ - initial movements into the Art of Prayer

  • Being Human - a Model  - What is our image of being human? Mystical traditions and Gendlin’s philosophical distinctions on human nature; forming together a foundation for focusing and prayer.

  • Wide Angle Focusing - A radical interpretation of Focusing.

  • The Larger System - concepts and a practical way to work with it.  

  • The shift from the implicit of the situation to the implicit of my life.

For us, prayer is a unique opportunity to unfold the depths of our lives; to listen - as in focusing - to the ‘much more still’; and to be open to how life invites us to co-create as part of a larger system. Prayer is not an action that takes place outside of existence - it is the action that co-creates existence.

Course Details:

Live course on Zoom

Sundays 12:30pm - 14:15pm (Eastern Time Zone - NY)

Starting October 31st

Course gatherings:  Oct. 31st, Nov. 7th,  Nov. 14th, Nov. 21st, Thanks Giving Vacation, Dec. 5th, Dec. 12th


A sliding scale enables us to support students in these challenging times. No committed students will be turned away due to lack of funding. Please write us if in need of financial assistance