Focusing with the Larger System

6 weekly gatherings beginning Jan. 9th 2022

Interaction First Series

Part 1: Prayer Consciousness

Part 2: Focusing with the Larger System 

Part 3: Focusing Oriented Prayer

“Most of the world thinks and acts in terms of formed things, patterns, units, entities...We claim, instead, that what is not already formed is a greater order, more finely differentiated than any forms and concepts, and yet also unfinished.”  Eugene Gendlin

In Part 1 of Interaction First we explored the ways Focusing can expand the experience of Prayer. In Part 2 we invite you to explore with us how the Art of Prayer can enrich Focusing practices

Join us as we expand our perception - from the ‘carrying forward’ of the challenges in our lives - to our lives as the ‘carrying forward’ of creation. Discover how we can turn movements in prayer into focusing invitations, adding additional dimensions to the focusing process. 

Some of the topics we will cover in the course: 

  • Crossing between Focusing and the Field of Prayer - how praying consciousness intertwines with focusing practices.

  • Prayer as a gate into the Focusing process - Preliminary Steps: Heart-Intention, The ‘Body’ as a temple, Connecting with the Larger System

  • Approaching life situations from the perspective of Prayer Consciousness - Difficulties and challenges as invitations to take part in the process of unfinished creation.

  • Listening as Revelation - what really does the Focusing listening create.

  • My Life as a Carrying Forward of the Larger System - From the implicit of a situation to the implicit of my life

  • Carrying Forward through Language - novel word combinations - from the unknown to co-creation-ing 

  • On what is being-asked-from-me - perceiving situations from the perspective of the infinite

  • Self Understanding - how does self-understanding via the focusing process change how I understand the self and the focusing process? 

  • Prayer as the infinite edge of the Focusing Process - pray-Ing as a closure to the focusing session.

For us, prayer is a unique opportunity to unfold the depths of our lives; to listen - as in focusing - to the ‘much more still’; and to be open to how life invites us to co-create as part of a larger system. Prayer is not an action that takes place outside of existence - it is the action that co-creates existence.

Course Details:

Live course on Zoom

Sundays 12:30pm - 14:15pm (Eastern Time Zone - NY)

Starting January 9th 2022

Course Dates: 9/1/22, 16/1/22, 23/1/22, 30/1/22, 6/2/22, 13/2/22


A sliding scale enables us to support students in these challenging times. No committed students will be turned away due to lack of funding. Please write us if in need of financial assistance