Join us this summer for a series of practice sessions in which we will deepen our interaction with the fields of Prayer and Focusing

  • 90 min. Live Zoom Sessions
  • Following an introduction we will practice prayer consciousness and leave ample time for discussion, insights and questions.

"For us, prayer is a unique opportunity to unfold the depths of our lives; to listen - as in focusing - to the ‘much more still’; and to be open to how life invites us to co-create as part of a larger system. Prayer is not an action that takes place outside of existence - it is the action that co-creates existence."


Sunday 19:00-20:30 (Jerusalem) 18:00-19:30 (Berlin),  12:00-13:30 (New York)

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Baruch Brenner

Baruch Brenner Is an Israeli Focusing facilitator, theater director, actor, singer, teacher and an ordained Orthodox Rabbi. Over the last 25 years, he has been a leading innovator in integrating Jewish and spiritual practices with experiential work in theatre, movement and vocal arts. He was the artistic director of the Vertigo lab in the eco-art village, and a research fellow and member of Jerzy Grotowski theater ensemble. Baruch facilitates educational programs and workshops exploring religious and mystical traditions, with an emphasis on Jewish mysticism - Kabbalah and Hasidic philosophy - making them accessible to the general public.

Dana Ganihar

Dana Ganihar, M.Sc. is a teacher and researcher certified as a Focusing Coordinator by the international focusing institute in New York. Over the last couple decades she has led numerous workshops and seminars exploring the work of psychologist and philosopher Eugene Gendlin: IBF - Instancing Based Focusing, PoI - Philosophy of the Implicit, and TAE - Thinking At the Edge. Dana has initiated cooperative research exploring the potential impact of Focusing practices on diverse fields such as biology, architecture, creative writing and religion.

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