A movement from the felt-sense of deep knowledge to evocative new forms of expression

Have you asked yourself 

  • What is my hidden or odd expertise that I developed in years of practicing in the world? What is the specialty that is just mine?

  • What do I know from my vast experience that I have never formulated before, but is what leads me in moments of "nothing comes" to the next step?

  • Is it possible for me to articulate and transmit such personal expertise to others?

Thinking At Edge (TAE) - was originally developed by the philosopher and psychologist Prof. Eugene Gendlin and colleagues at the University of Chicago. 

TAE and the Creative Process is a unique approach developed by Shakio Institute based on the understanding that each person, each project, each story has an inherently intricate creative edge yet to be explored.  

TAE and the Creative Process invites creators into a step by step movement from a felt-sense of meaningful knowledge, which cannot be formulated in conventional terms, to new and evocative forms of expression.  

In this 14 session course, starting Dec. 13th, we will concentrate not only on exploring new or ongoing projects, but on how we can regenerate our unique creative powers, and continue to co-create ourselves as artists (and as beings fully human).

What Will We Practice?

  • Working with the creative processes

    Integrating TAE in our creative work thereby birthing additional layers of meanings and possibilities in the project (and the process)

  • ‘Creating the Creator’

    Explicating and manifesting the innermost movements of our expertise/knowledge, without obscuring them in conventional terms or ‘killing the magic’ that gives them life, thus allowing for our development as creators.

  • Communicating ‘the unique’ we know to be true

    Developing our perception of the consciously directed process of creation beyond intuition; and enabling the intimate sharing of the outcome with others.


Rachel Getz Salomon, cultural researcher, critic and curator

“The course opened my eyes and heart and lots of windows to realms of language and experience, extensive, deep and fascinating. I feel this course is a must for research students. It is really a springboard for research and writing."

Anat Zilberman, architect

“There is an underground river full of knowledge and wisdom that runs beneath everything we see .... The TAE helps to turn it into a spring! Everyone in the field or field in which he researches / finds / creates ....”

Itai Tal - director, producer and screenwriter

"One of the best and most significant courses I have done in my life. I think everyone and in particular creators and artists should do such a course, at least once. The course helped me discover and reveal places in a script I could not see before. The encouragement to stay with the ‘nothing comes’ and the fact that the course was very practical, helped me to crack characters and plot lines over and over again in each of the sessions."

Course beginning December 13th 2022, 14 live session on Zoom

For more information write shakio.org@gmail.com

The Facilitators

Dana Ganihar M.Sc, is a Coordinator and a Certified Focusing Professional living in Israel and teaching Focusing and the Philosophy of the Implicit for 15 years. She has also been developing and teaching for many years ‘Felt reading’ of A Process Model, the seminal book of philosopher and psychologist Eugene Gendlin. Dana is an Adjacent Lecturer in the Architecture Department of the Technion, Israeli Institute of Technology, where she teaches TAE and a course on “Focusing in the Design Studio”. She also teaches TAE as an interdisciplinary course, in the Academic and Technology College of Tel-Hai.

Baruch Brenner,  Artist, theater director, actor, singer, facilitator of creative processes and rabbi. Baruch is a certified focusing  trainer. Baruch Was for three years a research fellow in Italy at the Work Center Jerzy Grotowski. Baruch ran the Center for Research and Creativity for about 20 years, including 4 years at the Vertigo Cultural Laboratory in the Ecological Art Village. Over the years, Brenner has directed and performed in many productions in theater, film and various musical ensembles and won the Margalit Award, the FIFA Award 2009 and the Minister of Education Award.

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