A 4 day retreat with Donata Schoeller, Baruch Brenner and Dana Ganihar

Dates:11-14/8/22 | Place: 7546 Ardez, Switzerland

Something is burning in the world today.

Transformation has never seemed as urgent. In this challenge, in which the personal and the political meet, vulnerability, hope, spirituality and courage gain a new meaning.

 In these four days we invite each other to genuinely face ourselves/patterns/topics we seek to transform, which might be entangled to systems that allow little space to do so. We will explore how to cultivate spaces of freedom that enable us to do, feel, think and newly approach these matters.

All you need to bring is the desire to move beyond a restriction in the way you perceive, understand, approach and do things, be it professional or social\personal, be it spiritual or mindful. A true question that lives inside you now, that you would be happy to explore richer possibilities in it. 

We will enter a space\field without wanting to create targets and goals. This is a space where trust can grow together with our open responsiveness. From listening to the living edges of what we usually perceive, something begins to move\tremble\vibrate, a whirlwind of creation and transformation.

During the retreat we will work with several practices that enable opening live edges:

  • Embodied listening through movement and sound
  • Focusing and TAE steps into the moving depth of our living knowing 
  • Foundational movements of POF - Prayer Oriented Focusing
  • Imagination Work - creative tools from the world of theater
  • Silent meditation

Planned Daily schedule:

6.30-7.00 prayer in movement 

7.00-7.45  prayer without theology

7.45-9.00 Gendlin and mysticism 

9:00- 10:00 breakfast 

10.00-13.00 TAE steps with the living edge of my life 

13.00-16.00 lunch and free time 

16.00-17.30 opening my life situation with tools from theater 

17:30-18:00 break

The Facilitators

Donata Schoeller Ph.D

Donata Schoeller is a philosopher who teaches at the Universities of Koblenz and Iceland. She is the academic director of the interdisciplinary program "Training in Embodied Critical Thinking, in which five universities participate. She has invested many years of research in Eugene Gendlin‘s and Meister Eckharts work. With Christiane Geiser, she has also translated A Process Model into German. She is a Focusing trainer giving year long courses in Switzerland. As a TAE-teacher she is invited internationally to teach at Universities and Academies

Dana Ganihar

is a teacher and researcher certified as a Focusing Coordinator by the international focusing institute in New York. Over the last couple decades she has led numerous workshops and seminars exploring the work of psychologist and philosopher Eugene Gendlin: IBF - Instancing Based Focusing, PoI - Philosophy of the Implicit, and TAE - Thinking At the Edge. Dana has initiated cooperative research exploring the potential impact of Focusing practices on diverse fields such as biology, architecture, creative writing and religion, in Institutions including the Technion, Bar Ilan University and Tel Hai College.

Baruch Brenner

Baruch Brenner Is an Israeli Focusing facilitator, theater director, actor, singer, teacher and an ordained Orthodox Rabbi. Over the last 25 years, he has been a leading innovator in integrating Jewish and spiritual practices with experiential work in theater, movement and vocal arts. He was the artistic director of the Vertigo lab in the eco-art village, and a research fellow and member of Jerzy Grotowski theater ensemble.

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